Elsewhere is a biannual journal that invites submissions of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and visual art year-round. Please carefully review the guidelines for each category before submitting your work. Please submit using our online submissions manager.

We want stories, poems, nonfiction and artwork that situate themselves firmly in place, which feel compelled to transform in images and plots, in lines and rhymes how histories reside inside a cappuccino cup, cotton and cornfields, roadside diners, built-in shacks, tenements, middle-class bedrooms and parlors.

We want stories about communities that are struggling to survive. We want stories about communities that stand up. We love stories about individuals who stay put. We love stories about individuals who are unafraid to move. We want stories about people who cannot help but conform. We want stories about people who refuse. Basically, we love art and literature that are not scared to show what cannot easily be traced with the naked eye.


FICTION: We’re looking for an array of literary styles, ranging from traditional to avant-garde to anything in between, but we are particularly interested in work that experiments with language, genre and form, stories that defy easy categories. Stories should range from 1200-7500 words.

FLASH FICTION: Flash fiction pieces should feature well-developed characters along with a strong sense of story and place. We encourage hybrid genres. Submissions can be anywhere from 6-1200 words.

POETRY: We like poems that excite our imagination, stretch our understandings of language. Send us your best work. We are open to both shorter and longer forms. Please send  3-5 poems (up to 10 pages) per submission.

NONFICTION: We accept creative nonfiction, articles, and feature essays up to 7500 words. If you have interview ideas, please email us first at We encourage genre-bending nonfiction,  but as always we’re looking for well-crafted work that addresses the primary concerns/themes of Elsewhere.

ART: We invite visual artists to submit paintings, photographs, mixed media and video. If you would like to submit work that doesn’t ahere to any of the above-mentioned categories, please email your query to